Best Money in the Trucking Business

Owner Operator Pay

Owner Settlements

  • Same day payment with POD (Paid on Delivery)
  • $2-3 per mile +
  • $5,000 - $6,000+ Gross Weekly
  • Collect 75%-line haul (Our Authority)
  • Collect 85-90%-line haul (Your Authority)
  • And much more!


Settlements (SAME DAY)

  • Paid in 24 Hours! If all your paperwork is received 10am Eastern on any business day it will be processed and settled that same day. Regardless of the time we still will attempt after 10am, but sometime settlements don’t clear until the following day.



Top Money for Owner Operators!
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ATI may offer advances to its contractors to assist them with fuel, business expenses, tolls, weight scale tickets, and more. Most advances

are given against a shipment. All advances will be placed on ComData Card or EFS Card.

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